Make your money online using your opt-in mailing lists, your own product or service, and multiple streams of income

Your first steps to making money


Make Your Money Online


To make money online you have several options to cover.  

I have struggled for years looking for a good small business opportunity. Till now a work at home was just not profitable. Now you can learn what the secret is to making money online with a home business opportunity and be profitable. The fact is there is no secret. If you work efficiently, following what we have outlined for you, it is possible to make money with internet programs. If you wish to work form home and earn cash. Spend a few hours a day sending email to prospects that are interested in your product that you have acquired to your mailing list. Register a domain name and either have someone build you a website or follow directions to build a fast loading website yourself?



Do you have an opt-in mailing list? 

Are you keeping a list of every one that visits your website? Until you do it will be very difficult making a living from internet sales. When you have a list of people that are interested in our products or service you can contact them every time you have a new promotion or product addition. There are many tools you may use to build your mailing list. I prefer OptIn Lightning to gather leads. Every time someone visits one of my sites they pass a pop-up box that asks them to join my mailing list. In return for them joining my mailing list they will receive a special offer that they can only get in my newsletter. Sometimes it may be a new eBook that I have purchased the rights to resell or one of my own products completely free.



Option number two is having your own product or service.

Even just a quality newsletter or eBook, something that is yours and all yours, something that you have complete and total control. Having control over a product or service guarantees that no one can pull it out from under you. This, unfortunate as it may seem, does happen with affiliate programs. I promoted a great service, had very good response, made enough income to quit my day job then... the bad news... The company was acquired by another company. The great company I was promoting, now became a second class company and my customers that I built up great trust in, turned to other sources of service. What did I do next? I have a list of my customers and was able to point out another company that was less expensive, had more options, and has a great tech support team. The best part of this was my income grew 30% in one week. Not only did the majority of my previous customers choose the company I recommended they referred others who also purchased the service.



This brings us to point #3. Always have multiple income streams.

This way if one of your streams does happen to dry up, you still have other forms of income. I make my entire living online and you can too. To make your money online you must strategically plan what type of site you are going to make, who your niche market will be and how you are going to reach this market. I recommend that you start with a very small market and build on it slowly. When you target a very small niche you can find where they are located online easier, market more pre-qualified products and your advertising dollars go farther than to a broad market. An example if you were to target fishing, you have a great product for fishing shallow saltwater flats. Would you target all fishermen? No! The most cost effective way would be to find the keywords shallow saltwater flats fishing. You would then look for ezines and newsletters, search all the pay-for-click search engines, and forums about your subject. The closer you look the farther your advertising will reach. Now you have your product with a website targeting a small niche. You then add an affiliate for a saltwater magazine, a few professional guides that use your product, and maybe contact a list of hotels that will give you a kickback for sending vacationers to their resorts. This is the way to make money online.



Follow a few steps to make a solid income online and you can have steady checks in your mailbox everyday.

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